Blend development

Blend development

We are passionate about blends

We offer three forms of collaboration when it comes to developing the ideal blends for you. The entire process takes place in close consultation with you.

German Capsule Solution matching


You provide us with a benchmark, and we develop a blend with a consistent flavour profile.

German Capsule Solution Lohnfertigung

Contract production

You develop your own blend, and we handle production on a large scale, ensuring continuous availability.

German Capsule Solution Neuentwicklung

New developments

Are you open to our ideas? We can develop a range of suggestions to suit your target groups and markets.

Individual blends for each variety

No matter whether you want to launch one, ten or a hundred varieties of coffee, we develop our own unique blends.

  • Selection and combination of green coffee
  • Blend after Roasting
  • Optional: decaffeinated
  • Roasting parameters
  • Slow Roasting
  • Grind size
  • Filling weight
  • Degassing
  • … and much more
German Capsule Solution Eigene Blends

Convincing solutions for your business model

Our mission statement: We make it possible. On request, we can support you with brand development, design and much more.

Private labels

We create a range of blends that suit your price point while making you stand out from the competition.

Premium brands

You understand what your consumers expect from your brand. We can create the perfect blends to keep them satisfied.

Country-specific brands

Intensive roasts for southern regions? Smoother roasts for northern regions? We offer advise and deliver results.

Limited editions

Single origin, micro-lots, Fairtrade, organic? Special requests are all part of our day-to-day business. In every combination.

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