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A convincing final product can only emerge when every single element is outstanding in itself. Discover how much value we place on quality-conscious, sustainable sourcing, a highly automated, state of the art production process and sophisticated, efficient capsule technology.


Perfection every step of the way

Our sourcing strategy is to buy green coffee exclusively from leading trading companies in Europe to ensure quality, consistency and a reliable, flexible supply chain. To guarantee consistent flavour profiles as well as to enable us to act flexible and independent, we order green coffee from various dealers. With our long-term experience and large coffee expertise we check every sack of green coffee as soon as goods are delivered so that we can later reproduce the same flavour profiles time and time again when blending.

We procure what you desire

You are free to decide which price and quality levels you prefer for green coffee. Thanks to our many years’ of experience and our worldwide networks, we are able to procure absolutely everything for you: high-quality plantation coffees, exotic premium varieties, standard qualities and also the most economical grades.

German Capsule Solution grade-a

Certified green coffee on request

A free choice: Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, the EU organic label, Fairtrade – everything is possible, even in many combinations.

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Modern, efficient production

We are proud of our modern machinery and the balance we have achieved between computer-controlled precision and genuine craftsmanship. The results are outstanding food safety and excellent product quality.

From roasting and grinding ...

Slow and gentle drum roasting – a distinctive approach in the industry. Immediately after roasting, we store the beans in special silos. We later grind the coffee in modern, state of the art grinding stations.

German Capsule Solution Roestung Mahlung

... to filling and quality control

Before filling, we degas the roasted coffee under controlled conditions so that the full aroma can develop. After filling, we flood the capsules with nitrogen to achieve a residual oxygen content of less than 1% as well as long bbd’s.  Each step is carefully monitored during production, and we check your samples in our own laboratory.

German Capsule Solution Kapseln Abfuellung-qualitaet


The capsule is crucial

The success of compatible capsules under your brand depends on four factors: brand strength, flavour, price – and, above all, capsules that work perfectly in the compatible machines of your customers. We use specially designed capsules that deliver excellent results in every cup with Nespresso®*, NESCAFÉ®* Dolce Gusto®* and Keurig®* K-Cup®* capsule machines.

Capsule housing

  • A well-thought-out capsule ring design that is a perfect fit for compatible machines
  • Flexible capsule body for problem-free operation
  • Aluminium base for perfect delivery (Nespresso®* compatibles)
  • Residual oxygen in the capsules is less than 1% for long bbd’s

Aroma seal

  • Aroma seal for optimal freshness and coffee quality
  • Excellent extraction of flavour and aromas
  • No individual foils necessary
  • Customised seal design

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