Quality that sets the standard

We do our utmost to ensure consistent product quality, product safety and, of course, outstanding flavour all year round – for capsules that stay fresh for 12 months.

Care you can taste

  • Sophisticated drum roasting – the first choice when it comes to quality
  • Especially slow and gentle roasting – unique in the industry
  • Computer-controlled roasting with recipes – for reproducible enjoyment
  • Self-contained Cablevey system for the gentle transportation of roasted coffee – optimum protection and controlled outgassing
  • Packing under a protective, controlled nitrogen atmosphere – for a residual oxygen level of less than 1% in the capsule and long bbd’s
  • Aroma seal – for maximum freshness
German Capsule Solution Sorgfalt

42 control levels and end-to-end quality monitoring.

Certified food safety

German Capsule Solution Logo IFS

We are IFS Food certified.

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